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  • The PVC FILM laminated steel sheet

    LAMITAL is the PVC film laminated steel sheet for home appliances or construction interior materials. The PVC films which have various colors, patterns and high gloss can be applied to LAMITAL. Raw materials are applied to cold rolled iron (CR), electro galvanized iron (EGI), hot-dip galvanized iron (GI) and aluminum or aluminum compounds

Product Properties

    Various patterns and sophisticated appearance

    LAMITAL can express the various colors, patterns, glosses and the material feels. Due to the great workability, there's no changes of properties or surface under the any working condition(Deep drawing, Bending)


  • Home appliances : Out case of the Refrigerator, Micro wave oven, Air conditioner, VTR, AUDIO and etc.
  • Construction materials : Fire protection door, Freezing panel, Partition, UBR, Ceiling and etc.