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  • Mono color pre-painted steel with great workability for home appliances

    TOPRITE is the mono color pre-painted steel for home appliances, of which surface is painted with high workability and hardness. The raw materials are mainly applied to cold rolled iron (CR) and electro galvanized iron (EGI)

Product Properties

    Great Workability, Cost Reduction

    TOPRITE has high workability so that makes the post-treatment (Bending, Deep drawing, Drilling) easy and possible to automate the assembly line. 2 coatings and 2 bakings method contribute to cost-down, and clear coating after base coating can make the beautiful surface


  • Home appliances : Out case of the Refrigerator, Micro wave oven, Air conditioner, VTR, AUDIO and etc.
  • Construction materials : Fire protection door, Freezing panel, Partition, UBR, Ceiling and etc.