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  • Printed steel plate with embossed surface

    We paint various patterns on base matal and overlay specialized clear paint as the final coating for creating a feeling of texture and improving a weather-resistance. This product is used for partition, office furniture, interior panel of vessel, ect.Cold-reduced Carbon steel sheets and strip (CR), Electrolytic Zinc-coated Steel sheets and plates, strips and Coiled sheets (AL) can be applied as raw material depending on the usage of the products

Product Properties

    Various patterns and feeling of materials

    We paint various colors and patterns on base-painted steel (processed with three coating and three baking sessions of Gravure-off set method). The feelings of texture and wood produced by a special printing process can be applied to office interior panels and the exellent fireproofing expands application ranges to interior panel of vessel


    Construction material : interior panel of building, partition, office furniture, interior panel of vessel

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